Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

It is referred to the marketing of the business products and services over the telephone. A business activity where a collection of call center agents makes outgoing calls to existing or prospective customers. This activity is technology enabled- using a predictive dialer with which a large number of calls per hour can be made.

Outbound Call Center Services- Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business Blog 1


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Most common uses of outbound call center services are:-

  • Proactive customer service (for e.g. informing of problems, delays, delivery arrangements, etc.)
  • Calls to new prospective customers
  • Renewals ( calls to existing customers)
  • Debt collection
  • Cross-selling/ up-selling sales calls
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Appointment booking
  • Market research
  • Market intelligence and Analysis.
  • Turns website visitors into customers

There are a number of dialer regulations and outbound dialing issues to deal with.

Today when businesses are facing an enormous increase in the market, call centers are the pivot point of all the processes related to business. It acts as a base for receiving calls from customers at one end i.e. inbound and on the other end, makes out calls to the customer under promotional activities.

An outbound call center is an important part of a fully fledged contact center and is considered to be a place where agents call the customers and serve them with the information regarding latest product or service that has evolved in the market, updated facilities or combined sale of the client’s product.

Outbound Call Center Services- Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business Blog 2


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They have more potential and have more aspects involved than they are known for. They have a lot more to it than just telemarketing of products.It does every effort to perform good quality work at every process and at all levels. Customer support agents of the providers do everything to promote the product or service across all verticals and segments of a market.

At SureVin, we offer a wide arrangement of call center services designed to take care of all the requirements regarding outbound telemarketing.

With most productive and cost efficient outbound call center services with several years of experience in the industry, SureVin focuses on offering best business solutions. We provide best quality assurance programs, technical solutions and are promised to offer excellent customer services to clients.

SureVin’s outbound call center services include:-

  • Telemarketing services
  • Due date reminders and billing confirmation.
  • Sales/Retention
  • Up selling
  • Lead Generation

Surevin’s dedicated team of agents and telemarketers give their best to create the customer needs and upsell the products or services. Everything from product sale to lead generation and database enhancement is handled by our expertise team of outbound call center service teams efficiently.


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