Brief Take on Design and Development Strategy of SureVin

Brief Take on Design and Development Strategy of SureVin

A highly essential tool a business need these days is a website of its own. In these modern days, no matter to which segment your business belongs to, it needs a website for surviving the cut-throat competition. It’s the introduction of a business to the online audience and helps a business to establish its reputation and identity. The need has paved the way for the concept of website design and development. An effective strategy for the same can lead you to create an impactful website.

First impressions are vital and SureVin can get that deal for you right away. We, being the company that designs your website, serve you as your advisor, work as a consultant, design, and developer.

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We Make Websites Which Combine Business Goals Along With:–

  • Cross-platform Compatibility
  • Engaging and Intuitive User Interfaces
  • Responsiveness

Why SureVin?

We understand what a great web design requires. It harmonizes the right layout, best code and right colors to maximize the leads and conversions.

With this, you can be assured of working with:

  • A creative, engaging and professional team.
  • Fully planned and time-bound plan of the project with full access to our system of project management.
  • Consultative and personalized approach to meet your web design needs. Until we understand your values, your business requirements and brand, we don’t start working on your project.
  • For timely quality control, an internal audit team who fixes issues as they occur.
  • A team has decades of experience in digital marketing industry.

For achieving maximized business objectives, every step of the process is geared by offering a valuable, interactive and engaging experience to your customers.

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SureVin Services for Design and Development

  • Responsive Websites: – Mobile internet usage in India is expected to increase by 25% each year and that’s 520 million users each year.
  • CMS Based Websites: – Content Management System (CMS) allows you efficiency, autonomy, speed and the ability to track whole content of your website closely as you like, with minimal technical knowledge on your part. A CMS enabled website is valuable for facilitation of core activities of business such as inventory management, third-party applications, live data feeds, and integration of e-commerce capabilities.
  • E-Commerce Web Design: – It involves a complete understanding of the creation of intuitive e-commerce website of the product purchase cycle which begins with user searching for the product of clients. The team takes care of details like ad copy, product descriptions, and revenue tracking.

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Paid Search Campaign Secrets And PPC Management

Paid Search Campaign Secrets And PPC Management

Have you ever wondered about how those advertisements made their up to your search result page? Advertisements that you see which pertains to the search term you entered, there the paid search advertising commences. Keywords which relate to products and services, delivering focused ads to targeted customers are the factors on which the brands bid. Paid Search is a unique form of advertising as it identifies customer interest in your product/ service at once.

There are billions of websites around the world now and users want information at once as possible and for that, they use search engines. Optimizing web pages for searched terms or queries and is a challenge faced by webmasters nowadays. Achieve top results is a time consuming and very difficult process but now they have an opportunity to use paid search marketing to pay for targeted traffic. Every industry can benefit from paid search campaign. For large companies, search marketing is essential. It helps you reach your marketing goals, irrespective of company size.

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Good Search Engine Optimization(SEO) technique can bring good results over a long term but use paid search additional to your natural search options can pay off big. Paid Search help the marketers to keep their website on the top listing of the results page and put your messages in front of millions of targeted customers.

Paid search is a platform for advertising, driven by search engines or directories. The model follows a Pay Per Click (PPC) charging a fee from visitors that visits your website. It appears in 2 ways- Search Placement and Content Placement. Ads in search placement appears when searchers search for a particular term that you elected to purchase whereas ads in content placement appears when relevant content is served from a search engine partner (industry sites, news sites, etc.)

Most of the companies go for the combination of paid search, pay per click advertising and search engines marketing in order to drive more consumers to their websites. It is a time-consuming activity to manage the budget for pay per click or paid search advertising because of complex rate structure which encompasses many factors. The fee is usually based on keywords or phrases that are used by you and how many people click your ads. You can hire a PPC or paid search Management Company.

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What most of the people don’t know…

Paid search is a performance marketer’s dream with right people running it. It rapidly gets evolved into a management nightmare, with millions of keywords to consider, landing pages, competitive bid auctions, multiple campaigns running at once, quality score and analytics to worry about.

Honestly, it looks like every online or digital agency provides PPC Management or paid search service nowadays. SureVin understands that choosing an agency for PPC management of your company can become a devastating process. It is difficult to know who can be trusted to take your paid search campaigns to next level on a performance basis.

What is PPC Management?

We are Paid Search experts who provide measurable improvements on key business while delivering best customer service. We are business people with methodologies to drive performance over major online revenue models: B2B, subscription, lead generation and e-commerce.

When it comes to our client, every keyword matters to us. Paid Search specialists of ours contribute expertise in every aspect of PPC Management to make sure right customers engage with your ads on their tablets, desktop, and mobile devices.

Prime Web Design Trends to Look Forward To In 2016

Prime Web Design Trends to Look Forward To In 2016

In these times, where trends come and go quite often, web design is a quickly moving and changing industry. While still work going on some of those trends now: flat design, responsive web design, speed and performance, and perfecting the user experience. Many new design trends come from taste and preferences of designers and users in usability and design. Improvement in technology is what makes these changes possible. It’s a major driving force and also helps design move forward.

However, what is the new emerging trends we can watch out for in 2016? Let’s look through some of these we can expect to see more of this year.

Recent years saw trends such as:-

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  • Minimal
  • Flat
  • Video Sliders
  • CSS Animation
  • Newsletter Popup
  • Long Scroll
  • Hero Images
  • Hamburger Menus
  • Responsive
  • Mobile first
  • Fronted Frameworks

Many of these will continue to get refined while some will get replaced with better alternatives 2016. Some will be used with moderation like background video.

  • Material Design – it’s an alternative to flat design which brings back some nice graphical elements. It’s a Google design standard set which separates elements using the layers concept that is found in image editing software. It stacks and removes elements as they are needed. Also built in animations that are normally created manually.
  • Still Experimenting With Navigations And Menus – putting it in a new and unexpected place, hide it behind a hamburger icon or just remove it because it doesn’t look good. Experimenting and doing new things to work it well and be useful.
  • To Scroll Or Not To Scroll – we know that scrolling increases readership but some definitely wants less scrolling. There are merits and demerits for both. Long scrolling feels natural and easier than clicking but spaces out content and makes it harder to scan. While shorter scroll gets to the point quickly but increases bounce rates.

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  • Designing In Modules And Components Instead Of Entire Pages – instead of mocking up entire layouts, web design is moving towards component design and modular for a particular web page. Designing how the search function will work, the navigation will be laid out are involved in these components.
  • Design Continues To Flatten Out – flat design will continue to dominate design aesthetic throughout 2016. Those websites which already embraced flat design trend will look to make things even flatter.
  • Ditching The Stock Elements For Something Better – ditching the use of stock elements such as stock photography or icon sets over things which are much more designed and personal to the site itself.
  • Forms And Inputs Go Full Screen – from the widespread adaptation of responsive website design, website design practices are being carried throughout entire website instead of only the mobile versions.
  • Rich But Subtle Animations – as web design is flattening out, websites have started to look more alike. Only way designers are trying to make their sites stand apart from the crowd is through the use of rich, clever and subtle animations.
10 Strategies That Will Work On Mobile Marketing

10 Strategies That Will Work On Mobile Marketing

Consumers are busy surfing through their smartphones and tabs. For business owners, it means reconciling their internet based marketing campaigns to mobile users, using mobile marketing strategies. There are strategies which work better as with any other marketing niche. Following are some of the techniques that can assist business owners and marketing professionals to reach out to a mobile audience.

  • Websites Must Be Mobile Friendly –If a company’s website is very difficult to navigate, mobile users will click away almost immediately from their devices. Most business owners don’t have the technical ability to make browsing as seamless as possible and hiring a web designer may prove costly. But today, any business enterprise can use a mobile bid modifier to ensure their website’s optimization to their mobile audience. A mobile app should be simple and intuitive if a business owner wants to do it themselves for their mobile marketing strategies.
  • Mobile Apps Must Have E-Commerce Capabilities –Ensure that mobile devices can interface with the business’s check out solution as per choice as consumers don’t want to switch devices and also that the transactions are processed securely and quickly.

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  • Direct Market To New Mobile Device Owners –Design a small and short-term marketing campaign that targets only new device owners. This would mean offering a discount of certain percent over a period of the month to new iPhone owners, or maybe a free gift to customers making a purchase from their new tabs. In any case, this is a great technique to drive new customers.
  • Making Smart Use Of Social Media –At least for a portion of time, the majority of social media user’s access facebook and twitter, this should be kept in mind by marketing professionals. It is a smart marketing strategy to remember this while posting to facebook or tweeting.
  • Measuring Results –The only way to measure the success of mobile marketing strategies is to use an analytics to determine changes in website traffic during a marketing campaign. The business owners will want to view new website users surfing via smartphones and tablets.
  • Not Losing The Sight Of Overall Business Goals –Focused advertising campaigns through mobile devices should be synchronized with overall marketing strategy. But it should not be contradicted with the overall brand or vision of the company. Businesses should not be tempted to launch a mobile marketing campaign which doesn’t fit the other marketing strategies or company’s brand.

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  • Testing Before And After Launching –Test the mobile marketing strategy thoroughly prior launching because nothing is worse than spending man hours and money wrong one because a well-designed app isn’t going to draw customers. Their portal will keep crashing. Tests regarding downloading the app fast and easy, even under heavy load will also be done.
  • Consider A Texting Campaign –A texting campaign should be as simple as encouraging customers to sign up to receive regular texts about sales and special events. It can be complex like using QR technology or electronic coupons. A light touch works better here. Limit the texts to four or less per month and always provide them with a way to opt out as a part of your mobile marketing strategy.
  • Use A Professional If It Makes Sense –Designing a marketing strategy is challenging. Spending money to get it done can be a wise investment. Hiring a tech consultant to handle app development will allow marketers to focus on strategy rather than methodology.
  • Build And Maintain A Customer Database –Unless customer information is stored or maintained, no current or future mobile marketing strategy will be complete. This data will be useful to check that there are no marketing redundancies and to keep track of which customers are converted by which campaigns.
Working Benefits of Retargeting in Advertising

Working Benefits of Retargeting in Advertising

It’s no coincidence when you see advertisements from websites that you visited in the past, later show up on other pages across the web. These ads are as a result of retargeting, which displays advertising method by placing a special code known as ‘cookies’ on your browser when you visit these websites running with retargeting campaigns. These ads will follow you all over the internet and act as a constant reminder about the page you previously visited. Running retargeting ads on display network online can give you the chance to aim for the audience which already expressed interest in your product/service. There are plenty of other reasons to include retargeting in the digital advertising efforts.

Driving traffic to your website is good only if you make the sale. About the visitors who only browse and leave the site without purchase, which are almost about 95% of users, retargeting and display advertising can prove beneficial as a marketing tactics. They maximize your brand’s online exposure and can generate more sales.

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  • Sales Target

The potential customers, the ones who spend time on your website browsing can be redirected elsewhere on the web out of which 70% users are more likely to come back and finalize the sale with the help of retargeting services and display advertising.

The retargeting process is mentioned below:

  1. Drive targeted users to your website through marketing efforts.
  2. Users can browse your website looking at various products and services.
  3. A display ad promotes your website on one of their favorite sites after they leave your site and begin to surf the web.
  4. They return to your website and convert.
  • Choose your audience – by following retargeting, you ensure that who all are going to see your ads (target audience). You can set specific options to create audience settings to display it only to selected ones that are already familiar and interested.
  • Lower cost per clicks – retargeting display ads tend to have a lower cost per click comparatively than other types of online search ads. There are two ways. Either you get charged for every thousand views your ad receives or you can pay for each click you receive. Both the methods will prove helpful to run a successful campaign. With retargeting, one can get most out of their budget.

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  • High impressions – as more people visit the website while you are running the campaign, the larger your list for retargeting will continue to grow hence facilitates achieving a high amount of impressions through the campaign.
  • Reach current customers – through retargeting, you can easily let your existing customers know more about your new products or promotions. It’s a good way to give your past customers a reason to come back and purchase again from your site.
  • Branding benefits – retargeting display ads also provide an opportunity to expose your brand and raise awareness. You will be able to make your brand name on people’s mind. Even if they are not planning to purchase, they will keep in mind the brand name for future reference.
The Ultimate Guide To Choose Perfect Website Photos

The Ultimate Guide To Choose Perfect Website Photos

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The right image can say more about a company, product or a service than an entire page of most brilliant prose can ever do – yet many companies fail to put forth the required time and effort to choose the best image for their website. The images that are uninspiring or bland are harmful to your business at worse. Even if an amateur web designer uses a free website builder template, they can still add images and can grab user’s attention as it spurs them to want to know more about the company.

  1. Quality Counts

The actual composition of the photo itself and the technical specifications of the photo on the site are two separate aspects of photo selection. Look for the ones with crisp details, attractive composition, and defined the focal point. A bit of creative editing can make a mediocre photo a spectacular one so if you find an image you think would work, play with it a little bit to make it work. Do not sacrifice quality and go for low-resolution photos to avoid slowing the site, instead compress those photos so that they can load faster.

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  1. Be Relevant

It might seem like a no- brainer, but website photos must be relevant to your business and should reflect the purpose and brand identity of your site. It doesn’t mean that you have to include only static product images but make the product the center of the photo.

For e.g. if you sell furniture, show a family relaxing on a high-quality couch or children playing happily. Remember that your photos speak your brand so chose the ones that convey company’s overall brand message whether it is competence, idea or something else.

  1. Photos Must Spur Users To Action

Great website photos increase conversion so look at photos as a call to action. The purpose of images should be to inspire the site visitors to make a purchase not just to fill the space. Work on making it as enticing as possible so that people can’t help but what you are selling.

  1. People Matters

Studies reveal that images which contain people can increase conversions so try to include people in as many photos you can. But be careful to avoid using the same photos that everyone else is using. People will notice the same ‘man’ showing up on every website so choose the photos which are unique and the ones who are not used all that often. Your site will look more authentic and will build a better connection with users.

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  1. Consider Emotion

Speaking of connection with users, look for website photos that project or spark an emotional response with site visitors. Consider the focus of your site – you want to convey serious work? Spur people to take action? A sense of belonging? The right image can help the site reach its aim.

However, take a time to look for every aspect of the photo and rule out those that are not 100% perfect for your site.

  1. Informative Photos

The images on your website should also provide information to users. Showing them in context allows the users to visualize them in their own lives. Do not be afraid to add other information or text to a photo for highlighting the key points. Use accurate statistics if you are using charts and graphs otherwise, they can create misconceptions which can harm your authority.

Choosing photos for website designing is not always easy but it’s worth putting effort and time. Keep these points in mind and your site will more likely to achieve the objectives you have set for it.

Why Corporations Need Skill Development and Training?

As enterprises continue to seek strategic values from their outsourcing engagements, a skill gap has emerged. The kind of skills available and which the organizations need from their own people are distinctively different. These skill gaps leave the company unable to capture the sustainable business outcomes they are hoping to achieve.

Organizations need to do a better job harnessing the power or talent of their people as a means of driving value to the business beyond cost reduction. Higher level skills are required for higher level goals. Companies should focus on improving the talent management process of theirs to hire, develop, engage and retain the right talent to realize the promise of BPO.

Let’s have a look at three of the main practical steps that both enterprise and its BPO provider must focus on to address the skill gap:-

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  • Change The Mindset – Employers need to provide meaningful work, clear career paths, personal and professional growth for all workforces- those delivering the outsourced service, the ones who are managing the receipt of the service and the ones who are benefitting from it. It simply means instilling a sense of pride in employees for their own organization. I also mean monitoring, taking actions and measuring actions on employee engagement. Leaders need to project the right behavior and help energize their team as they welcome a new way of working.
  • Develop Formal Training Curriculums For Managers – Skill sets beyond those required to oversee basic operations must be aimed at for the development of skills for outsourcing managers – it turns out as important as a client receiving the service and managing the service contract as it is for the service provider.
    For increasing the job satisfaction or advancing the company’s objectives for its major outsourcing engagements, a company, for e.g. can mandate three hours of weekly training in outsourcing governance for its managers. There are quality programs available for third parties while most of the organization’s functions lack the depth and scale to develop the specialist program in this area.
  • Revamp Skills Expectations And Competency Models For Retained Team – Organizations need to move beyond the old talent perspective that is primarily focused on operational skill sets. By redefining job competency models of the individuals managing service providers, some are looking for strategic skills. Existing personnel had been experts the way things were done for years. Except for the view towards future’s possibility, they make some new hires with proven experience in driving innovation.

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The collaborative nature of BPO relationship has large implications for how talent is sourced, engaged and developed. Enterprise leadership needs to have the capability and desire to transform the approach in managing and developing the talent and at the same time BPO service providers must step up to the talent challenge. In the coming BPO age, what’s needed is a leadership commitment to make investments in time, energy and resources that can turn talent into a differentiating factor.

SureVin is set up to facilitate in developing and upgrading the skills of students and growing Indian workforce through skill development programs. Skills development service provides a range of courses aimed at building confidence, improving your transferable skills, and increasing your employability potential.

In today’s economic climate, companies think carefully before hiring graduates and new recruits. Now that degrees are becoming norms, additional skills like leadership, presentation and communication skills allow employers to differentiate from pools of candidates.

SureVin’s comprehensive solutions on Training (Skill and Development Program) offer services for corporate/institutional/industrial sectors. We help people to upgrade and enhance their knowledge and skills. The experts conduct a training session on the same. Below are some of our training programs:

  • Domestic BPO
  • Sector Specific Training
  • Retail
  • Computers and Technology
  • Telemarketing Services

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