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Dial 181! Get A Problem Solved On A Single Call

Dial 181! Get A Problem Solved On A Single Call

CM Helpline a platform for citizens of Madhya Pradesh to sort queries and issues with government, officially launched on 31st July 2014, the inauguration was done by honorable chief minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan. On a daily basis, CM Helpline registers an average of 4,000 complaints gets registered and sent to government officers for resolution, approx 92% of complaints have been successfully closed by government officers.

CM Helpline opens at 07:00 in the morning and close at 11:00 before midnight, with a total of 300 customer service executives login to provide service delivery to 40,000 calls that hits toll free number 181; all this is managed by a strong system designed under which 30,000 government officers from all government departments in MP mapped in the system in order to provide resolution to complaints logged in CM Helpline.

Providing best in class customer service CM helpline complaints gets closed with a satisfaction from end-user who has logged the complaint, and in the case of non-satisfaction from end-user complaint gets forwarded to next level senior officer in the same department for re-work. Along with complaints, at CM Helpline citizen can get information related to MP government schemes and if they have their advice or demands to MP government these can also be registered and sent to their respective department.

Back in the past, citizen having complaint related to government department has to walk-in to the department, write complaint on an application and wait for the reply, where most of the times no action was taken in a timely manner, but now just dial 181 rest will be taken care by the helpline from sending complaints to right department, doing follow-up on complaint and to inform citizen about the resolution provided by department.

All is managed by a staff of 300 trained executives of CM Helpline and its support staff includes trainer, team leader, and managers. Call-center never gets idle time as the frequency of calls is increasing day by day due to which call-center seats got increased in the past to 300.

CM Helpline is a unique process gives knowledge about MP government work-flow and gives an opportunity for students who are working in helpline to prepare for government exams like; SSC, MPPSC and much more.