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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services: Road to Enhance Success

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Services: Road to Enhance Success

BPO is contracting of third-party organizations. In this, companies undertake specific business tasks, both in back and front office. The front office deals with customers such sales, marketing, and services departments i.e. customer support while back office deals with functions that need to run the business on its own such as Human Resources, Accounting, Information Technology.

Since last two decades, BPO services have seen a global phenomenon and there is a multitude of reasons for its popularity in recent years. There are many companies claiming their excellence. They are a great advantage for all the business sectors.

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A perfectly organized one help companies and organizations manage their non-core business processes and back office tasks in an effective manner, streamline business function, quickly achieve maximum success and enhance the overall productivity of the business.

SureVin offers comprehensive BPO services across multiple sectors of business which are marketing, procurement, supply chain, learning, HR, finance, and accounting. We also provide specific BPO services to match the needs of particular process or industries such as telecommunication networks, credit services, healthcare, utilities, pharmaceuticals and more.

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SureVin focuses on the following dimensions:

  • To increase the production of measurable business outcomes like increased sales, financial performance, better employee retention, customer acquisition and – in addition to cost efficiencies.
  • Analytics based insights by our deep functional experience in the industry that is continuous in nature.
  • A comprehensive approach that looks your business as a whole and beyond any single function or project.
  • To support transformational change and complexity for your organization.
  • To achieve desired goals which result in increased value, a committed teamwork and partnership for our clients in long term.

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Our Services Include:-

  • Cross Industry BPO Services
  • Marketing
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Supply Chain
  • Procurement
  • Talent Acquisition and HR

Industry Specific Services include:-

  • Credit Services
  • Accelerated R&D
  • Health Administration
  • Insurance
  • Health Management
  • Network
  • Capacity solutions

For more details on our Digital Solutions, contact us today. We look forward to discussing your needs and to ways to help you with our experience.

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Adopting to Multi Channel Customer Service

Adopting to Multi Channel Customer Service

With a busy lifestyle, handling devices, technology advancement, and digital platforms are changing so as to cater to the today’s consumer requirement of purchasing products and accessing services. Modern consumers are more tech-savvy and dependent on digital media for everything demanding for the more convenient process for buying. To remain up to date with these dynamic demands, businesses are looking for solutions for providing seamless experiences around several platforms.

New Standards for Customer Experiences

A multi-channel approach is used by most of the companies to interact with their customers. They use platforms like email, social media, phone calls and chat bots. In this way, communication happens separately on different platforms where no connection between channels is possible.

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However, companies are trying to make a shift as this is not enough to keep up with the ongoing demands. This is where omnichannel experiences for customers gets in. It takes customer experience to a new level with collecting data and information from different channels and integrates it to form a seamless journey for customers giving them the ability to start an activity using a single platform and resume their activity through another one.

There is a different kind of activities like customer interaction, information management and location knowledge which collect and collate customer data and behavior. Then data is analyzed to get a better understanding of consumer patterns.

Changing mindsets and standards

For automatic integration of customer data, system aggregation is needed which can make sure of the optimized and consistent services irrespective of the channel opted by the customer.

One of the challenging aspects is individual departments focusing on their own roles and responsibilities like call centers services only answering queries on calls, physical stores only selling products and services and so on.

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In an omnichannel method, various departments come together and shares work based on information and strategies for providing better-personalized experience possible.

Shift using integrate solutions

These are designed to gather and analyze customer data whether it’s B2B or B2C transactions. The technology enables the companies to learn more regarding behavior and tracks thus allowing them to make targeted marketing and advertising strategies. This also helps seamless transactions across various platforms resulting in retaining existing customers and attracts new ones.

The customer experience might not be perfect but it is definitely what the consumer-provider relationship would look like future.  Businesses that are using this are moving ahead of its competitors. BPO’s find themselves at the front and center of this shift. Some businesses switching

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Optimized Customer Service is the Standard for Good Organization

Optimized Customer Service is the Standard for Good Organization

There is better communication today because of the development in technology. Customers can be closely connected to because of contact centers and be provided extensive service and guaranteed satisfaction for their concerns. In the process of providing a better experience, recording the conversations, chat support, and quickly attend to the inquiries of customers have come to the picture. These factors play a significant role in grasping the new crucial performance indicators of the call center service to customers.

Customers have a short span of attention these days and getting to know them takes time and effort. They prefer electronic transactions and high-quality upgrade. Customer return is the pleasant experience for which you need to render exceptional customer services. Increased number of calls produces an increasing number of agents. Hired agents that are committed will bring utmost success to the contact center of the business.

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Elements of Customer Support   

An effective customer care is one which is flexible in order to get the trust from the clients and receive feedback on the basis of which the correct indicators will be defined. There are universal standards metrics which are set by the experienced ones, used by every contact to monitor the quality services on the basis of parameters like:-

  • Cost per call- A call is to be answered within 20 seconds. A large volume of the calls is required to be answered in the expected time frame whether human or automated which includes usage of agents and assets for resolving issues during the first call.
  • Agent- a person responsible for answering help the customer finding the best solution for their concerns within 2-4 minutes and is expected to provide values considering it as a priority. The skills are calculated by the way of communication, attendance to office and performance.
  • Solution- The initial contact has a target to be resolved as customers expect the quick response instantly depending upon the issues being handled. Understanding the customers’ needs with relevant information is the key to assure the equality of customer experience and navigation towards ending a call.

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  • Satisfaction- quality is the preference which gets reflected in the quality of operations held by the management to deliver excellence and starting points and motivations which affect the productivity and outcome (revenue).

Opting for the Right Contact Center

Call service is and advanced solution for handling business calls underpaid agreement. Hiring the best agents in business is a challenge but the support service and expertise required to focus can aid you in figuring out the ideal contact center.