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Partner Apps Affecting Business Beyond Sales & Marketing

Partner Apps Affecting Business Beyond Sales & Marketing

Sales and marketing were, are and always will be vital to a company’s growth and development. Advancements in big data and analytics will continue to improve the speed and efficiency with which the new products and services sell and it’s a beautiful thing.

But there’s nothing new. For the last few years, analysts, executives, and geeks are talking about the increasing effect of advanced analytics on the sales and marketing line of business.

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The powerful ways in which the analytics are starting to come into the entirely new line of business and industries and the fact that purpose-built analytics apps are greatly responsible for driving this change. Through Wave, reinventions of analytics by arming business users with actionable insights which are incorporated into the daily workflows are done. This couldn’t be done without the partners.

Today, 20 new-wave analytics partner apps are there in the app exchange and with them, the ability to empower every single business user with insights which they need to do their jobs in a smart and quick way as well.

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Following are the three ways wave apps are providing tangible business products:-

  1. Help Retailers in Preventing Inventory Theft

Inventories shrink in retail industries. Between what a retailer thinks he have and what he actually have is a huge difference.  This is the reason some companies employs a loss prevention team who actively get engaged in ways to reduce losses. Vast data stored across multiple back-end systems provide unified self-service analytics.

Another company has launched new wave app which provides access to the insights of all loss prevention related data sets involving potential fraud issues like discount abuse, POS exceptions, refund fraud and more. Wave action support at once alerts the manager to these exceptions on the mobile so that instant action can be taken. This insight onto analytics yields millions of dollars of savings on annual basis.

2. Better for Communication Industry for Delivering Good Customer Experience

Service providers for communications face the challenge of delivering a good and impactful customer experience which increases loyalty while managing their costs. For achieving this, smart and actionable analytics is required.

A new wave app monitors the click stream from each contact center interaction and generates actionable insight which helps the service providers in delivering a better experience and decisions as well. They identify the drivers of customers churn; evaluate call handling metrics and the performance of different call scripts and agent teams. And since its wave supported, instant actions can be taken.

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3. Helps the Professional Service Team in Keeping the Client Projects on Track

Keeping close tabs on the performance of the project which includes delivery, costs, and staffing which reduces the risks and boosts client success. Professional service analytics delivers insight into how the projects are growing and developing and flags the issues.

It is the key to making the adjustments and keeping the projects on track and most significantly maximizing the client satisfaction. Wave apps provide dashboards which deliver information into every aspect of a service business with tailored content to every role from VP to Project Manager.

Perspectives of customers, regions, groups, and practices from a single project to the whole portfolio have made it easier than ever to get business visibility, take smart actions and improve overall predictability.