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Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

It is referred to the marketing of the business products and services over the telephone. A business activity where a collection of call center agents makes outgoing calls to existing or prospective customers. This activity is technology enabled- using a predictive dialer with which a large number of calls per hour can be made.

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Most common uses of outbound call center services are:-

  • Proactive customer service (for e.g. informing of problems, delays, delivery arrangements, etc.)
  • Calls to new prospective customers
  • Renewals ( calls to existing customers)
  • Debt collection
  • Cross-selling/ up-selling sales calls
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Appointment booking
  • Market research
  • Market intelligence and Analysis.
  • Turns website visitors into customers

There are a number of dialer regulations and outbound dialing issues to deal with.

Today when businesses are facing an enormous increase in the market, call centers are the pivot point of all the processes related to business. It acts as a base for receiving calls from customers at one end i.e. inbound and on the other end, makes out calls to the customer under promotional activities.

An outbound call center is an important part of a fully fledged contact center and is considered to be a place where agents call the customers and serve them with the information regarding latest product or service that has evolved in the market, updated facilities or combined sale of the client’s product.

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They have more potential and have more aspects involved than they are known for. They have a lot more to it than just telemarketing of products.It does every effort to perform good quality work at every process and at all levels. Customer support agents of the providers do everything to promote the product or service across all verticals and segments of a market.

At SureVin, we offer a wide arrangement of call center services designed to take care of all the requirements regarding outbound telemarketing.

With most productive and cost efficient outbound call center services with several years of experience in the industry, SureVin focuses on offering best business solutions. We provide best quality assurance programs, technical solutions and are promised to offer excellent customer services to clients.

SureVin’s outbound call center services include:-

  • Telemarketing services
  • Due date reminders and billing confirmation.
  • Sales/Retention
  • Up selling
  • Lead Generation

Surevin’s dedicated team of agents and telemarketers give their best to create the customer needs and upsell the products or services. Everything from product sale to lead generation and database enhancement is handled by our expertise team of outbound call center service teams efficiently.

Acknowledging Outbound Call Center Services

Acknowledging Outbound Call Center Services

In these competitive times, sales and marketing industry proves to be significant in carrying forward the diverse functionalities of businesses. It is call center services which actually contribute to the success of a business. It’s quite natural for companies and businesses to go to a great extent in order to attract new potential customers as well as to retain the existing ones. For reaching the targeted audience, online and social marketing has slowly developed and have opened several new avenues.

When there is fierce competition prevailing in the market, then it calls for the help of outsourcing call center to adapt to the changing market trends. In order to carry out their business successfully, it’s quite natural for the companies to aim high and reach to greater heights. The telemarketing and customer service continues to be major channels through which brand awareness can be managed in an effective way. Moreover, these are main capabilities that can be increasingly managed and handled with the help of many companies which provide outbound call center services.

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Today, several customer care centers can be found offering both inbound and outbound telemarketing and offshore call center services. This is the main reason as to why many offshore customer support centers are developing and growing at a rapid pace and have become popular means by which the companies can manage costs effectively and thereby enhance their services.

Outsourcing telemarketing or telesales services prove helpful for the company to increase the productivity to an extent and thus ensuring customer service 24*7 and telemarketing support at a very affordable cost. Several outbound customer support center sellers can carry out tasks such as hiring/employing customer care representative and telemarketers.

The range of these services allows businesses to aim for core competencies and other important tasks. It takes care of both time and resources for continuing with the hiring process of customer care representatives, so that your company needs not to worry about these minor tasks.

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These times, several marketers are undergoing through training procedure, practice sessions and testing before joining outsourcing call center campaigns. Many offshore services centers generally require their telemarketers to make use of their college experience and degree before they undergo the process of being hired. The customer care representations also have to go through ongoing training with the help of web conferences and others conversations while assistance of other knowledgeable ones, together. This allows telemarketing agency to provide your organization with highly efficient and experienced service assistants who will work round the clock from start to end.

The onshore customer care providers rarely include educated telemarketers in different countries like US, England & Australia. When comparing Indian service centers, the ratio of trained people in western countries is quite less.

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Besides, many companies from western countries are encouraged to co-operate with the off shore call center representatives as often, because this is very much required to get familiar with the products and services. It’s helpful when planning to outsource products and services of your company and knowledge for all this is important in all aspects.

Most of the outsourcing companies of India and also of the world offer following outbound call center services. Consider all the areas that your business could benefit from:-

  • Data base Selling
  • Market Intelligence
  • Lead Generation/ Management/Qualification
  • Direct Mail Follow-up
  • Seminar Population
  • Debt Collection
  • Product Promotion
  • Information and Literature Fulfillment
  • Decision Maker Contacts
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Up Sell/ Cross Sell Campaigns
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Surveys


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Adopting to Multi Channel Customer Service

Adopting to Multi Channel Customer Service

With a busy lifestyle, handling devices, technology advancement, and digital platforms are changing so as to cater to the today’s consumer requirement of purchasing products and accessing services. Modern consumers are more tech-savvy and dependent on digital media for everything demanding for the more convenient process for buying. To remain up to date with these dynamic demands, businesses are looking for solutions for providing seamless experiences around several platforms.

New Standards for Customer Experiences

A multi-channel approach is used by most of the companies to interact with their customers. They use platforms like email, social media, phone calls and chat bots. In this way, communication happens separately on different platforms where no connection between channels is possible.

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However, companies are trying to make a shift as this is not enough to keep up with the ongoing demands. This is where omnichannel experiences for customers gets in. It takes customer experience to a new level with collecting data and information from different channels and integrates it to form a seamless journey for customers giving them the ability to start an activity using a single platform and resume their activity through another one.

There is a different kind of activities like customer interaction, information management and location knowledge which collect and collate customer data and behavior. Then data is analyzed to get a better understanding of consumer patterns.

Changing mindsets and standards

For automatic integration of customer data, system aggregation is needed which can make sure of the optimized and consistent services irrespective of the channel opted by the customer.

One of the challenging aspects is individual departments focusing on their own roles and responsibilities like call centers services only answering queries on calls, physical stores only selling products and services and so on.

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In an omnichannel method, various departments come together and shares work based on information and strategies for providing better-personalized experience possible.

Shift using integrate solutions

These are designed to gather and analyze customer data whether it’s B2B or B2C transactions. The technology enables the companies to learn more regarding behavior and tracks thus allowing them to make targeted marketing and advertising strategies. This also helps seamless transactions across various platforms resulting in retaining existing customers and attracts new ones.

The customer experience might not be perfect but it is definitely what the consumer-provider relationship would look like future.  Businesses that are using this are moving ahead of its competitors. BPO’s find themselves at the front and center of this shift. Some businesses switching

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