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Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

It is referred to the marketing of the business products and services over the telephone. A business activity where a collection of call center agents makes outgoing calls to existing or prospective customers. This activity is technology enabled- using a predictive dialer with which a large number of calls per hour can be made.

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Most common uses of outbound call center services are:-

  • Proactive customer service (for e.g. informing of problems, delays, delivery arrangements, etc.)
  • Calls to new prospective customers
  • Renewals ( calls to existing customers)
  • Debt collection
  • Cross-selling/ up-selling sales calls
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Appointment booking
  • Market research
  • Market intelligence and Analysis.
  • Turns website visitors into customers

There are a number of dialer regulations and outbound dialing issues to deal with.

Today when businesses are facing an enormous increase in the market, call centers are the pivot point of all the processes related to business. It acts as a base for receiving calls from customers at one end i.e. inbound and on the other end, makes out calls to the customer under promotional activities.

An outbound call center is an important part of a fully fledged contact center and is considered to be a place where agents call the customers and serve them with the information regarding latest product or service that has evolved in the market, updated facilities or combined sale of the client’s product.

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They have more potential and have more aspects involved than they are known for. They have a lot more to it than just telemarketing of products.It does every effort to perform good quality work at every process and at all levels. Customer support agents of the providers do everything to promote the product or service across all verticals and segments of a market.

At SureVin, we offer a wide arrangement of call center services designed to take care of all the requirements regarding outbound telemarketing.

With most productive and cost efficient outbound call center services with several years of experience in the industry, SureVin focuses on offering best business solutions. We provide best quality assurance programs, technical solutions and are promised to offer excellent customer services to clients.

SureVin’s outbound call center services include:-

  • Telemarketing services
  • Due date reminders and billing confirmation.
  • Sales/Retention
  • Up selling
  • Lead Generation

Surevin’s dedicated team of agents and telemarketers give their best to create the customer needs and upsell the products or services. Everything from product sale to lead generation and database enhancement is handled by our expertise team of outbound call center service teams efficiently.

Acknowledging Outbound Call Center Services

Acknowledging Outbound Call Center Services

In these competitive times, sales and marketing industry proves to be significant in carrying forward the diverse functionalities of businesses. It is call center services which actually contribute to the success of a business. It’s quite natural for companies and businesses to go to a great extent in order to attract new potential customers as well as to retain the existing ones. For reaching the targeted audience, online and social marketing has slowly developed and have opened several new avenues.

When there is fierce competition prevailing in the market, then it calls for the help of outsourcing call center to adapt to the changing market trends. In order to carry out their business successfully, it’s quite natural for the companies to aim high and reach to greater heights. The telemarketing and customer service continues to be major channels through which brand awareness can be managed in an effective way. Moreover, these are main capabilities that can be increasingly managed and handled with the help of many companies which provide outbound call center services.

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Today, several customer care centers can be found offering both inbound and outbound telemarketing and offshore call center services. This is the main reason as to why many offshore customer support centers are developing and growing at a rapid pace and have become popular means by which the companies can manage costs effectively and thereby enhance their services.

Outsourcing telemarketing or telesales services prove helpful for the company to increase the productivity to an extent and thus ensuring customer service 24*7 and telemarketing support at a very affordable cost. Several outbound customer support center sellers can carry out tasks such as hiring/employing customer care representative and telemarketers.

The range of these services allows businesses to aim for core competencies and other important tasks. It takes care of both time and resources for continuing with the hiring process of customer care representatives, so that your company needs not to worry about these minor tasks.

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These times, several marketers are undergoing through training procedure, practice sessions and testing before joining outsourcing call center campaigns. Many offshore services centers generally require their telemarketers to make use of their college experience and degree before they undergo the process of being hired. The customer care representations also have to go through ongoing training with the help of web conferences and others conversations while assistance of other knowledgeable ones, together. This allows telemarketing agency to provide your organization with highly efficient and experienced service assistants who will work round the clock from start to end.

The onshore customer care providers rarely include educated telemarketers in different countries like US, England & Australia. When comparing Indian service centers, the ratio of trained people in western countries is quite less.

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Besides, many companies from western countries are encouraged to co-operate with the off shore call center representatives as often, because this is very much required to get familiar with the products and services. It’s helpful when planning to outsource products and services of your company and knowledge for all this is important in all aspects.

Most of the outsourcing companies of India and also of the world offer following outbound call center services. Consider all the areas that your business could benefit from:-

  • Data base Selling
  • Market Intelligence
  • Lead Generation/ Management/Qualification
  • Direct Mail Follow-up
  • Seminar Population
  • Debt Collection
  • Product Promotion
  • Information and Literature Fulfillment
  • Decision Maker Contacts
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Up Sell/ Cross Sell Campaigns
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Surveys


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How Outdoing Voice Support can Help Outsourced Call Center Services

How Outdoing Voice Support can Help Outsourced Call Center Services

It is vital for a business to provide a qualitative call center services. Through customer interactions, call center services can be improved which can build a strong and long term relationship between business and customers. Some companies only offer phone call services while some surpass voice based contact and use various channels to provide support services on a 24/7 basis. Business organizations which outsource contact services of high quality assimilate comprehensive set of support services by using email and enquiry chat in order to handle customer care for all industry types.

Phone call support

This support deals in marketing, customer care and collections. From sales support calls to service related calls, contact center employees are trained for enhancing customer experience by way of contacting them personally and maintaining business relationships. These employees work for several sectors, ranging from financial to insurances to medical. They assist in sales support through lead generation and converting customers thus making them valuable and important member of sales team. Outbound call center professionals also provide support for back end operations by calling and reminding the customers regarding bills, etc. to advance the revenue cycles.

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Email support

This support is for concise order updates. If the customers prefer to communicate to businesses through emails rather than phone calls, contact center employees can be waiting to respond with friendly messages on the receiving end. E-commerce business gets benefitted from email support by sending precise order updates and testimony to customers at the time they purchase products from online store. When customers have queries about the products listed in the website, outsourced personnel will be able to follow up quickly having detailed answers thus helping them find the right one. Even in the case of consumers filing complaints through emails, outsourced email support employees are trained to turn negative reactions into a positive one.

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Help-desk support

Helpdesk support deals with product related and technical questions. When buyers contact businesses because of trouble operating a product, outsourcing technical support can help them. Employees for outsourcing can provide friendly support which can increase customer satisfaction with products or system operations through helpdesk support services. Outsourced companies recruit workers who understand how complex a particular product is or an industry is and manage technical or network support for better buyer experience.

Enquiry or Live Chat

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This feature is for real time discussions. Seldom does it occur that customers have tough time to decide whether or not they want to purchase a product being on a website. They would prefer talking to a sales representative and inquiring about a respective product rather than sending e-mail and waiting for the response. Through live chat facility or inquiry, customers and outbound professionals can contact to increase customer conversions and help shoppers to make purchase decisions.

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Increase Profit Margins with Outsourced Call Center Services

Increase Profit Margins with Outsourced Call Center Services

Whether your business is small, with less than a hundred employees, or a multinational enterprise which spans across various continents, having a dedicated team to handle customer calls is an added advantage. The benefits are even more pronounced when you hire an inbound call center to manage the important tasks.

While it’s required of your in house staff to handle incoming customer calls on top of their primary role, it is possible and it’s not a sustainable model. Your best workers could end up handling customer calls all the day and not have the energy left to do what you hired them to do.

If you are still under the impression that outsourcing an inbound call center is a luxury which is reserved for large companies having huge budgets with them then think again. Your team could be stretched too thin in handling and entertaining customer calls- a task which is actually full time task in itself. It’s likely that they won’t prioritize customer interactions as much as they do their primary jobs which also mean that these calls are not given the proper attention needed. Hiring an outsourced inbound call center can help you avoid revenue loss. In most cases, it can even help in increasing profit margins. Let’s find out how:

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  • Professional Expertise

 You benefit from the years of experience of handling various customer scenarios of your outsourced call center partner which understand your business needs. Since it’s their core expertise, they know the in’s and out of that specific industry. They’ve implemented metrics to make sure quality call handling and use latest technology available to optimize resources. A professional outsourcing company can provide guidance and give suggestions on how to run customer service sector to get the best results.

  • Increased In- house Employee Productivity

 Your in-house staff can focus on their primary roles, when you are assured that customer calls are handled by the experts. You get to make most of the talent you already have the strong point of the employees and they also have more time, energy and resources to become better at what you hired them for.

This results in increased professionalism and enhanced efficiency because the employees are not distracted by the jobs that are capably handled by outsourced partner; you reap the advantages of the unique skills they bring to the table.

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  • Improved Customer Experience

 Because outsourcing call center service companies front liners have call handling times and other quality metrics to stick to, they interact with clients in more professional manner. It’s also a job that they have been hired to do, so they strictly follow the guidelines to ensure optimum customer satisfaction.

As compared to having an in house staff who is answering calls on top of their primary roles, having a dedicated team to make sure of the customer getting best attention possible will not only satisfy customers but could even earn you lifelong product advocates.

This kind of loyalty ensures that you have a core set of people who will buy from you again and again. Not only this, they will put in a good word for you with their peers and social circle. It can act as a competitive edge within your industry.

An outsourced inbound call center has the expertise to explore opportunities as well as tools and training to optimize their time. They can help you earn more revenue for your company through up-selling and cross-selling techniques.

Front callers can give their full attention to find solution for callers by using various tools and techniques to turn things around. In short, the right outsourced inbound call center will help earning the trust and loyalty of the customers- a formula for long term business success.


BPO: Driving Force Behind The Rapid Economic Development

BPO: Driving Force Behind The Rapid Economic Development

Businesses globally are looking for more & long term growth from BPO’s. To achieve higher productivity, the businesses come together with third party providers and also to improve their agility & improved customer satisfaction. A value based approach is followed by Indian BPO services for developing & expanding their business universally. BPO outsourcing can help any business in taking crucial decisions. The sellers provide services which are beyond the operational costs. They go for new industrial insights which shape the market and improve their client’s performance.

Every company wants to deliver high quality customer service and focuses on it to achieve their business goals. No matter whether it is business to business model or business to customer one, building a unique customer experience is quite desirable for modern day firms. Overhead costs reduce not only for the companies but also improves the revenues and increases the agility of the business thereby enhancing the level of customer satisfaction. A recent study by Forbes displays managers of multinational organizations are increasingly going towards working together with established outsourcing companies to accomplish beyond the bottom line savings. This is mainly associated with the fact that over the years, a successful strategy for achieving the results beyond savings is outsourcing.


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Factors Responsible for Changes in the Business in India

BPO service providers in India have proved to be a tough competition to the global BPO service providers. They contribute around 5% of the total revenue raised from prime 150 BPO companies from across the world. By using six sigma and lean methodologies, BPO services in India aims on performing the root cause analysis.

Companies outsourcing the backend business operations to the call centers tend to be more effective and better at self service arrangements. Search conducted by Forbes displayed that 72% customers reach out for information online to help them but from them, only 52% gets successful to locate the right information. This is the point where clubbing with efficient and reliable call center can prove to be useful especially with the e-commerce business as this will boost their online presence as well as sales. Other benefits are:-

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  1. Business GrowthBPO companies helps in improving business growth internally by simplifying the process.
  2. Improving the Customer Satisfaction– Big & small business organizations costs are reduced & processes are eliminated by the service providers which add no value. In this way, organizations can targets primarily on delivering quality customer services.
  3. Bettering company’s approach– Through BPO’s, businesses help gaining flexibility and adaptability as per the dynamic business environment.

Thus, enterprises look for partnership with BPO providers that can strategically lead them to redesign their business models and hence improve the revenues.

Unique Advantages you are Entitled to when you Outsource a New Business

Unique Advantages you are Entitled to when you Outsource a New Business

Every expense must be taken seriously when your business is new and still growing, and outsourcing call center services will help you manage your budget in a better manner, allowing you to maintain an excellent customer support.

You are left with many options now a days when it comes down to call center outsourcing, and once you understands them all, you are no longer want to reserve those additional funds for extra office space, in-house managers or even maybe dishing out employee perks.

Following are some unique advantages of outsourcing call center that will provide your new business with a sense to save money and be even more competitive.

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If you are working in a metro city, extra office space will always cost you a large amount of money. Outsourcing is quite cost-effective option than maintaining a whole call center in-house. As outsourced one handles their own agents & will help you with reduction in costs incurred on staffing internal call center agents.

Overhead and infrastructure costs are also reduced because providers of outsourced call center use their own call center software, systems and servers which turn a significant cost into a variable cost, because skilled agents will be there when your company needs them.


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Outsourcing with a view to handle the overflowing inquiries is a good means to improve the quality of customer service and ensuring that each customer is receiving the best possible support. You will be able to offer 24 hour service at a lower cost, through outsourcing to an external service provider for after-hours support which is a great benefit for every small business.


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If you operate with an in-house call center, then things like power outruns, bad weather, or natural disasters can affect your in-house call center’s capability to get the work done. But, if you have an outsourced call center provider, they will be able to handle calls even in such circumstances, which can really be an effective way to ensure continuity in the business.


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By outsourcing your call center tasks to efficient customer service agents, then they will be ready to take calls on short notice which will gradually improve the service quality during peak hours. It also takes you into a world of possibilities of transferring overflowing calls to your outsourced agents and, this would further help you reduce call waiting time and all the frustrations that comes along with it.

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