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Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

Outbound Call Center Services: Fortifying Factor for Growth of Business

It is referred to the marketing of the business products and services over the telephone. A business activity where a collection of call center agents makes outgoing calls to existing or prospective customers. This activity is technology enabled- using a predictive dialer with which a large number of calls per hour can be made.

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Most common uses of outbound call center services are:-

  • Proactive customer service (for e.g. informing of problems, delays, delivery arrangements, etc.)
  • Calls to new prospective customers
  • Renewals ( calls to existing customers)
  • Debt collection
  • Cross-selling/ up-selling sales calls
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Appointment booking
  • Market research
  • Market intelligence and Analysis.
  • Turns website visitors into customers

There are a number of dialer regulations and outbound dialing issues to deal with.

Today when businesses are facing an enormous increase in the market, call centers are the pivot point of all the processes related to business. It acts as a base for receiving calls from customers at one end i.e. inbound and on the other end, makes out calls to the customer under promotional activities.

An outbound call center is an important part of a fully fledged contact center and is considered to be a place where agents call the customers and serve them with the information regarding latest product or service that has evolved in the market, updated facilities or combined sale of the client’s product.

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They have more potential and have more aspects involved than they are known for. They have a lot more to it than just telemarketing of products.It does every effort to perform good quality work at every process and at all levels. Customer support agents of the providers do everything to promote the product or service across all verticals and segments of a market.

At SureVin, we offer a wide arrangement of call center services designed to take care of all the requirements regarding outbound telemarketing.

With most productive and cost efficient outbound call center services with several years of experience in the industry, SureVin focuses on offering best business solutions. We provide best quality assurance programs, technical solutions and are promised to offer excellent customer services to clients.

SureVin’s outbound call center services include:-

  • Telemarketing services
  • Due date reminders and billing confirmation.
  • Sales/Retention
  • Up selling
  • Lead Generation

Surevin’s dedicated team of agents and telemarketers give their best to create the customer needs and upsell the products or services. Everything from product sale to lead generation and database enhancement is handled by our expertise team of outbound call center service teams efficiently.

How Can Internet Of Things Affects The Job Of Web Designer

How Can Internet Of Things Affects The Job Of Web Designer

The ability of control is what the designers want in the print medium and also in web medium, it is simply a function of the disadvantage of the printed page. It’s time that we accept the fact that web doesn’t have the same restraints and design for the flexibility. But above all, the decline and flow of the things should be accepted.

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The concerns of web designer and of the developers today are same as it were 15 years earlier, aiming for what design and built up should be on screen and how it appears and most importantly how the users interact with it.

The surface of the design and build is crucial. But the more it is used; we will discover it as a small area for experiencing with the web and what it enables. The device below the screen is possessed with capabilities the developers have access to.

Like the gyroscopes, geo locations and accelerometers are used to have a sense of where a user is in space and what they are doing in physical form like standing, running, travelling or sitting. Are they stressed or relaxed?

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Our mobile devices and tabs have sensors in the cameras and microphones which tracks temperature and quality and air pressure. Specialized gadgets like fire alarms are capable of detecting carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and other gases as well in the atmosphere.

There exists a network of services from which the information can be sent to, received from and can be interacted with in real time from anywhere and at anytime.

How the future will be?

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The web future with Internet of Things will not be only screens controlled by humans for entertainment and information but a wide assortment of devices constantly sensing all the things in the world like at what speed the car is travelling right now, how many calories have I consumed today or what is the current temperature of my house, etc.

What lies the biggest challenge in front of developers and designers is that how the web augments the life of humans both actively and passively and much less about pixels and buttons and screens. It is about knowing ourselves, our homes and our environment better.

If this sounds a bit confusing, it is. Bit necessarily and a bit on purpose. The future can’t be predicted for how interesting it can be except by inventing it.

What can be learnt?

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What the young designers should be reading in order to learn longevity on web is JavaScript. It is the browser language and with Node.js, the server language, it can be located easily & directly on devices. The bewildering assortment of low cost network-enabled devices and sensors such as Twine and NinjaBlocks, and several others can be explored.

Node.js can be further probed into finding the link to connect these devices which are of wide assortment to one another and also to the services which can collect and make sense of the wide data generated by them, enlighten the users regarding the habits, practices, health and lives.

This all seems a bit gloomy- new device, languages and services except knowledge and skills but with web, these all will be present and loosely connected.

 Not to get disheartened!

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The screen is and will remain the most important part of the web or any other system which human use for interaction but designing and developing only for screen based system has become a legacy activity and it goes similarly for desktop browsers.

But, whatever you may do, a broad range of knowledge and skills can be acquired. Be ready for something exciting and amazing for the future.

Revolutionary Technologies that will Rule Over 2017

Revolutionary Technologies that will Rule Over 2017

Science & technology has leaped forward very fast in the 20th century. Innovators invented radio tuners and circuits and first robot in 1921. Now, immersive digital world connects people across the world, artificial organs have been created for our bodies and even self-driven cars has been rolled out. And we are still speeding towards new innovations and creativity every day. Here, we will discuss in 2017, what technologies will prevail:-


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1. Low or no Code platforms

This will take the burden off the IT. Last year in May Forbes declared this which means low/no code market has arrived now large businesses recognizing the citizen developers value. Businesses need customer facing apps to be in line with business speed. Its web development is not restricted to IT teams only, that’s why non-technical users can also make and maintain apps.


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2.Artificial Intelligence outshines

This is not a passing trend, it will rule till 2025. With technology powered with AI, business solutions will be easy & available to businesses which mean the way they use their data will witness a transformation. It will include smart product recommendations and customer experiences. It will prove to be a leap across all industries and departments.


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Bots are created to automate a particular task. Chatbots take it one step further with a use of learning by machine, communicating with users through interfaces like text messaging or an audio speaker. Chatbot won’t eliminate human interaction but it’s an attractive option for businesses being available 24*7 because the internet never sleeps. Similarly, business doesn’t want to risk losing out on a sale because the customer doesn’t get help.

4.Mobile Messaging/ Live Chat

Around 49% of the consumers would rather contact a business through message than calling. In 2017, which means that for keeping up with consumer preferences, mobile customer service, marketing interactions in messages & live chat assistance will be seen more, hence the chatbots operating on those channels.


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5.Virtual Reality

Last year launch of various platforms of VR happened, talking about Facebook’s Oculus Rift to cheaper, phone based Samsung Gear VR. The early adopters have tried it and these programs have been experienced. VR headsets were perceived & marketed as a video game experience but it needs to be seen more than just that to attract more adapters because at the end, there a potential market of $80 billion. Many companies are looking forward to leveraging the new technology, so it’s sure that we will see many interesting cases in a coming year.

Source Url:- http://surevin.com/revolutionary-technologies-that-will-rule-over-2017/

Exclusive & Innovative SnapChat Tips For Professional Use

Exclusive & Innovative SnapChat Tips For Professional Use

The things which make SnapChat fun can also make it frustrating to learn because it’s up to you to resolve its features. Spend enough time learning beyond normal snap and send features. Irrespective of whether you are using it for marketing your business or just for having fun, following tips will make you love the app moreover.

 1.   Get Followers Through SnapCode And Username URL:


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There are 3 main ways in which followers can be added on SnapChat- manually, by your username by sending snapcode or by clicking on SnapChat user URL on mobile which redirects to the app. By tapping on the ghost at the top in camera view, access and share your SnapChat username link through “add friends” menu. If your audience is on desktop mode, snapping the snapcode is the easiest way to add you.

2.    Add Music to Your Video Snaps:


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Open a music app and switch back to snapchat, and then you can add soundtracks while recording the videos which allow you to add a layer of creativity. Possibilities include- lip-syncing, freestyle rap, storytelling, dancing.


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Layer Creation with Stickers, Text, Emojis And Filters Most people only know about turning captions into large texts, applying filters and adjust the sticker size by pinching them. Hold, drag and put various elements onto one another to make them work together. Blend them all in and you can create unique snaps which augment reality in wonderful means.

Most people only know about turning captions into large texts, applying filters and adjust the sticker size by pinching them. Hold, drag and put various elements onto one another to make them work together. Blend them all in and you can create unique snaps which augment reality in wonderful means.

4. Lenses check:


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Through lenses which make use of snap chats face recognition technology you can apply a mask on your face. Hold a finger down over your face until it realizes it, then select from a variety of facials from panda to unicorns which vomit rainbows. Selection of lenses also changes depending upon your location.

5. Track your snap stats for improvement


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Because snaps are temporary in nature, it’s tough to go back for performance analyzation. Keep track from the beginning and look for what works and gets the most engagements. You need to track the views, screenshots, new followers per day and timing of your snap.

6. Title cards for long stories

Long stories get hard to follow, especially when having numerous segments in a day. Upload a large number of snaps (3 seconds each) to get the followers invested. Snap a wall to give stories a canvas for message creation and giving your audience the signal to read the next part. Color it using the drawing tool to make the words pop.

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