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Voice Broadcasting: A Cost Effective Solution

Voice Broadcasting: A Cost Effective Solution

A communication system that is used to send voice messages in bulk to multiple people at a time. Businesses these days are making great use of voice communication because of multiple benefits it brings. Customized messages are created and then sent to people. Many small and medium enterprises are using it in beneficial ways. This can be used to increase the number of customers and eventually the sales.

The best use of this broadcasting system is that it doesn’t require more people to send extra messages. It’s a useful technique which saves time and money. If the calls are left unanswered, they are rescheduled. Because it is a lot easier and simpler to handle, its use has been increased. Many people don’t know that with the power of voice broadcasting, a business can advertise products, services and business opportunities to hundreds and thousands of potential prospects in less than a minute, than other forms of marketing.

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SureVin Voice Broadcasting (Outbound/Bulk Voice Calls) is simple communication technology through which voice messages are sent to thousands of recipients in a very short span of time. It is used for community alerts, notifications in business applications and for promotional purposes. It is also used for wide range of applications like Political Campaigns, Customer Surveys, Mobile Marketing, Meeting Alerts and Wake-up calls, Stock Alerts EMI Alerts, Medicine Reminders and much more.

SureVin uses pre-recorded messages sent to a mobile or landline networks across the country. Bulk voice calls involve automated dialing several numbers at once using computer managed list, sends a pre-recorded messages to dialed mobile or landline numbers automatically. This communication of bulk voice calls enables having merits of personalized messages and penetrative reach. SureVin voice broadcasting allows sending Voice ads in known language to other networks or mobile across other countries. It’s a powerful tool for publicity of products and campaigns. The major merit of SureVin VB is to make it accessible to several targeted people relatively in a short span of time.

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To reach out to thousands of people, a telephone messaging solution is a preferable auto dialer with personalized messages and response options to choose. The number that you send us, the voice call system dials the same number and plays your recorded message.  No person is required to talk with the receiver of the automated call. The bulk voice call receiver only listens to the recorded message.

For event notifications, customer surveys lead generation, fund raising, product promotions, service reminders, announcements, this feature can be an ideal communication tool and also easier to use. You can also set reminders like Insurance Premium, Event Notification, EMI, Marketing products, and services & much more.

To know more about Voice Broadcasting Services, Contact us today and we will help you best with our experiences. We look forward to discussing your valuable queries.

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